Walk of Joy

Supported Living


Walk of Joy serves and supports individuals and their families to improve quality of life by teaching and developing skills towards independence and self-sufficiency.

Supported living services are provided to individuals who want to live either alone, with roommates in an apartment, or in a home of their own. Support can range from a couple of hours a week to 24/7 services, depending on the individual's waiver and needs.

Walk of Joy supports and promotes meaningful engagement for individuals in their community. We believe everyone should have a vibrant life where they live, work, play and worship. We began offering supporting living in 2008. Our goal is to help individuals with developmental needs begin their journey of being an independent. Individuals will have opportunities to develop relationships of their own in their communities through integration, outreach, and volunteer efforts.

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From assisting people with everyday life with a holistic approach geared towards personal and professional development, every interaction is intentional and important. 


• Develop real relationships. Whether it be with our employees/volunteers, their employers, foster families, or other individuals within our programs, we encourage healthy human interaction to aid in the growth of an individual.

• Center their lives on continuous development and wellness.

• Integrate with the community and perform acts of hand-on service.

• Learn valuable life skills such as grocery shopping, laundry, the use of public transportation, and how to live with roommates.