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Assisting people in finding a sense of value and meaning in their lives

Walk of Joy was officially established in 2008 but was brewing long before that. Wendell Anderson started working in the supported-living field when he was just 22 years old. He was hands-on, managed multiple houses, and gained invaluable experience. He later worked in the social work field where he met Walk of Joy co-founder, Jessica Watanabe.

Both Wendell and Jessica soon realized they wanted to be in a relationship with people, which they were lacking in their jobs. Wendell started coaching a basketball team and noticed that his players that had disabilities had aging parents that soon would not be able to care for their children. One parent asked Wendell if he would be an independent provider and in 2001 Wendell was certified (but never used the certification). Finally, in 2008, Wendell became an independent provider and started by serving that same basketball player. By the end of 2008, Walk of Joy was serving eight individuals.

Walk of Joy continues to grow year after year, making connections with other organizations within the community and working closely with parents and guardians. Walk of Joy strives to reach full residential capacity while assisting individuals within the community to flourish and grow into their full potential.

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From assisting people with everyday life with a holistic approach geared towards personal and professional development, every interaction is intentional and important.