Day Program


Flight is a five-part program designed to be a platform to help individuals find worth and purpose in their lives. In this program, participants have the opportunity to pursue whatever interests them.

Building upon the county’s "person-centered" initiative, this program helps to identify an individual’s key areas of personality and aspiration in order to develop a road map to assist the individual in getting there. Our strategies behind this personal exploration are a specific approach to begin fine-tuning and sharpening an individual’s skills according to his or her strengths, gifts and talents.

We aim to include ourselves in the community and to understand the worth individuals bring to their neighborhoods and city at large. The incorporation of health and fitness also provides a nice ribbon on the holistic mission, vision and values of Flight.

We offer Flight Zones that can be transformed to assist with preparation and training in the identified areas of need. Flight plans are developed to be specific to the individual and offer a visual aid to assist in understating what will be worked on daily, weekly and monthly.

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From assisting people with everyday life with a holistic approach geared towards personal and professional development, every interaction is intentional and important.


S.T.R.E.A.M (Science, Technology, reading, english, art, math)

STREAM is Walk of Joy’s version of STEM learning. We offer classes in all of the traditional subjects while also expanding into other areas of learning so that each individual gains appropriate exposure in order to find their true passion.


In our Wings program, we offer a holistic approach in assisting the growth of mental, physical, and spiritual health.


Walk of Joy is a Trauma Responsive agency that understands the effects adverse childhood experiences can have on the development of the brain. We continuously strive to understand each individual’s life experiences, recognize triggers, behaviors, and patterns, and respond appropriately with interventions. Our certified trauma specialists provide training to staff and support them in the field.

Skills to Bills

Our Skills to Bills program is exactly how it sounds. We teach:

Press University

Press University is a program designed to help individuals find purpose and express themselves. Unlike the other programs, Press University is where individuals can learn trades in order to assist their transformation into independence.

We help individuals engage by helping them discover and contribute their unique gifts, feel valued for their contribution, and are truly connected to their community.


For our musically inclined individuals, we offer a variety of music classes. Walk of Joy believes we were all created to be instruments and we can use that gift to serve and contribute to our community. Our overall “accept and include” philosophy means that we respect different ages, stages, and learning styles.

Quarterly outcomes will be reviewed to track the progress of individuals. Updates will be tracked and reported through emails and meetings with the team. Groups with peers will also be offered to provide a unified approach to deal with topics of interest chosen by the individuals and Flight team.