Supported Living

Walk of Joy serves and supports individuals and their families to improve quality of life by teaching and developing skills towards independence and self-sufficiency.

Supported living services are provided to individuals who want to live either alone or with roommates in an apartment or home of their own. Support can range from a couple hours a week to 24/7 services, depending on the individual's waiver and needs.



Walk of Joy supports and promotes meaningful engagement for individuals in their community. We believe everyone should have a vibrant life where they live, work, play and worship. We help individuals engage by helping them discover and contribute their unique gifts, feel valued for their contribution, and are truly connected to their community.

Trauma Informed Care


Walk of Joy is a Trauma Responsive agency that understands the affects adverse childhood experiences can have on the development of the brain. We continuously strive to understand each individual’s life experiences, recognize triggers, behaviors, and patterns, and respond appropriately with interventions. Our certified trauma specialists provide training to staff and support them in the field.