Flight Day Program

Building upon the counties "person centered" initiative, we identify key areas of desire, personality, hopes and dreams etc., and develop a road map to assist the individual in getting there. This process takes time and attention to detail. It is a more specific approach to begin fine tuning and sharpening an individual’s skills according to his or her strengths, gifts and talents. How to best work through feeling anxious does not seem like it would be related to a goal, but if that development gives an individual more "tools" in their box to assist them in inclusive settings - well you get the point!

How do we highlight and define who the individual is and how to effectively pull out strengths that shine bright into the world? We aim to include ourselves in the community and to understand the worth individuals bring to their neighborhoods and city at large. Individuals will have opportunities to develop relationships of their own in their communities through integration, outreach, and volunteer efforts. The incorporation of health and fitness also provides a nice ribbon on the holistic mission, vision and values of Flight.

We offer Flight Zones that can be transformed to assist with preparation, training, etc. in identified areas of need. Flight plans are developed that are specific to the individual and offer a visual aid to assist in understating what will be worked on daily, weekly and monthly. Quarterly outcomes will be reviewed to track progress of individuals. Updates will be tracked and reported through emails and meetings with the team. Groups with peers will also be offered to provide a unified approach to deal with topics of interest chosen by the individuals and Flight team.

We are also offering career exploration to increase the success of obtaining gainful, meaningful community employment.

Well if you have everything packed and ready to go, our adventure awaits - let's take Flight!

Mission Statement

Flight, Walk of Joy serves to build upon the foundational principles of life, love and community. To incorporate, show and teach acceptance of all people regardless of race, religion, status or ability to promote unity and oneness through laughter, listening, learning and understanding. Developing partnerships that support not only inclusion of individuals with disabilities but the unity of a people to continue fostering growth above and beyond what is normal to challenge ourselves, to broaden our horizons, and to take flight.

Vision Statement

Future forward Flight, Walk of Joy will experience growth in collaboration with community partners to increase opportunities for overall inclusion and further the acceptance of individual’s strengths and limitations.

Core Values

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control  

Contact Us

Flight Day Program

1720 Race St. (2nd Floor - above OTR Senior Center) Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

(513) 832-1430